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Shawnee Lodge NOAC Scholarship Application for NOAC 2022. Scholarships of $400 will be awarded with applications accepted until funds run out. Once contacted, you will have approximately two (2) weeks to submit a deposit through the Lodge. If you do not, your scholarship will be forfeit and awarded to another applicant.  An exact date and instructions will be communicated if your application for a scholarship is granted. All applicants will be contacted on the status of the application. If multiple applicants originate from one household, please submit a form for every individual.

*It must be understood that all other sources of financial help have been exhausted; including youth member’s own earning power, family resources, and chartered partner’s resources.

*Scholarship recipients will be determined by anonymous review of each application.

Please email the NOAC Adult Advisor at with any questions about the form

If you have any questions about NOAC, please email the NOAC Youth Leadership at .

If you have any questions about the Lodge, please contact us by going to

Attending NOAC as a youth can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. To apply, please fill out the following form.
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